Thuy Da Lam was born in central Vietnam, grew up in the northeastern US, and now lives in Honolulu. She holds a BA in creative writing from Hamilton College and a PhD in English from the University of Hawai‘i. She is a recipient of the George A. Watrous Literary Prize for Fiction, the Myrle Clark Writing Award, and the John Young Scholarship in the Arts. Her debut novel, Fire Summer, is a revision of her dissertation, part of which appeared in Lost Lake Folk Opera in commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. Outside of teaching, she finds deep satisfaction caring for a patch of land beneath the Koʻolau Range and writing her next novel, Heaven in a Wildflower, a love story between a night telescope operator seeking the universe’s origin and a pentimento looking for her referent. Her work is represented by the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency.